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What is e-Juice?

eJuice is considered the fluid that energizes your e Cig. It is what delivers the nicotine strength as well as the flavors to your Electronic Cigarette. This is the steam or vapor that you breathe out that imitates traditional tobacco smoke.

 What does the eJuice contain?

The eJuice uses basic components to produce great flavor. Those components can consist of Propylene Glycol and/ or Vegetable Glycerin blended with natural or artificial flavorings to create original and enjoyable recipes.

What is in our Natural e-Liquids?

The ingredients are liquid nicotine (optional), Vegetable Glycerin, pure distilled water, Natural and Artificial flavorings.

Why is our natural line different from our other brands?

Our Natural line is Propylene Glycol/PG free. Naturals are 100% Vegetable Glycerin/VG  and recommended for people who can have an allergy reaction to PG.

How should I store my Naturals?

Your Naturals e-Liquid should always be kept in a cool, dark and humid- free area. Exposure to sunlight excessively may result in discoloration and damage to the eJuice.

What is the shelf life of Naturals?

If stored properly in a cool, dark, dry place and away from direct sun rays the shelf life of Naturals e-Liquid is approximately 12 months . They might last much longer if you keep them in the refrigerator.  Remember always keep your e-Liquid in a safe place out of the reach of children.

The color of my eJuice has changed. Can I still use it?

e-Liquids may alter coloration once we add nicotine however it does not impact the flavor. The shelf life of our eJuice is more than a year and you don’t need to worry if the color is slightly different. Our product is heat and light sensitive but it still only changes color and not the flavor, strength or ingredients.

Is there alcohol in your Naturals e-Liquids?

A few of our concentrated flavorings are created using an alcohol extraction method. The amount of alcohol in these flavors in the finished product is exceptionally miniscule. The ratio is so small it is difficult to calculate.

What is the vapor from Naturals like (compared to Kahuna, Juicy, Amsterdam)?

Naturals e-Liquid delivers huge vapor again and again :)

How long does an filled atomizer last?

Frequently an filled atomizer will last numerous hours up to a few days. This all relies on the quantity of regular cigarettes you would usually consume.

Is Naturals Certified Organic?

Naturals e-Liquid is not certified Organic. We use only premium organic molecules in our food-grade flavorings in our Naturals e-Liquid. To this day we are unaware of any e-Liquid that is certified USDA organic.

Why is your line called naturals if you are still using artificial flavorings?

Naturals simply represents the care and love put into each bottle of Naturals e-Liquid. Our flavorings are a combination of natural and artificial flavorings combining to create a smooth flavor with huge vapor again and again.